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About of our company

01. Unix is a financial ecosystem that includes various tools to increase your profit. UNIX Crypto Wallet is an online platform designed to store cryptocurrencies based on quantum technologies. The company makes a profit every day due to the commission from transactions on operations with cryptocurrencies. The average commission is 1.4% of the volume of transactions.

02. The main mission of Unix is to provide platform participants with effective ways to receive rewards and bonuses based on the application of quantum computing, as well as to provide access to platforms of strategic partners.

03. The main goal of Unix is to achieve a platform capitalization of 10 billion USDT and grow its user base to over 10,000,000 users by 2025.

04. Unix is already taking advantage of quantum technologies - gaining a significant advantage over competitors by using data from neural networks and the computing power of quantum algorithms. This allowed Unix to provide more accurate analytical data for creating, configuring and adjusting algorithmic systems, as well as to improve overall platform efficiency.

The company's business model allows it to target a wide range of target audiences. Low commissions increase customer loyalty, while innovative functionality protects transactions and makes all transactions as transparent as possible.

Based on the received data on transactions, the dynamics of indices for exchange turnover, profitability and current assets was calculated. UNIX shows positive dynamics across all indexes. The activity is profitable, and the crypto wallet has the potential for significant capitalization in the future 3-5 years while maintaining the current level of profitability and expanding the client base